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Camper Consulting has helped numerous corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations increase their organizational productivity and business profitability.

Sample clients include:

     ACI Enterprises, Inc.
     Amoco Oil Company
     The Anti-Aging Institute
     C Multimedia, Inc.
     Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB)
     Cope, Inc.
     Eli Lilly & Company
     Famiy Health International
     Federation of Virginia Food Banks
     First Hospital of China Medical University
     Hilton Head Longevity Center
     Janus Associates
     Michael J. Baker Jr., Inc.
     National Institutes of Health (NIH)
     National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
     Rockwell Automation
     Singapore Institute of Management
     The World Bank
     U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is an $8MM regional nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC with branches in Maryland and Virginia.

CAFB faced declining revenues (secondary to downturns in corporate and individual giving) and concerns regarding 'mission creep,' employee productivity, and middle management effectiveness.

Camper Consulting conducted a targeted review of CAFB's functioning along key organizational dimensions - including mission and vision, organizational structure, and work culture. Root problems were identified for each problem area and solutions presented for leadership consideration.

Consulting effort produced a strategic realignment of CAFB's overall strategy, structure, and culture in support of core organizational and business objectives, including:

A streamlined organizational and management structure - consolidating 11 separate departments (with 11 direct CEO reports) into four operating units mirroring CAFB's revised vision and reporting to new COO position

Creation of a comprehensive CAFB Work Redesign Task Force - to streamline work processes while enhancing employee participation in organizational decision-making

Changes in CAFB work culture - to support increased employee involvement, participation, and accountability


COPE, Inc. is a commercial behavioral healthcare vendor based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

COPE confronted severe competitive pressures (on service scope, capabilities, and pricing) that threatened the company's long-term business viability.

Camper Consulting guided COPE's senior management team through a comprehensive review of critical organizational elements - including business strategy, business structure, operational infrastructure, and staffing - coupled with a realistic appraisal of the firm's competitive environment. Camper Consulting facilitated COPE's creation of a new business strategy based upon durable core competencies, market definition, and targeted new product/service initiatives. Operational reviews (involving core business processes) realized enhanced work flows and operational efficiencies.

Client experienced a 50% increase in annual operating revenues during first year following consulting effort.


Family Health International (FHI) is the largest global Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) promoting research, education, and services in the field of family health, including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. With a $200MM annual budget, FHI maintains 2 domestic headquarters locations and over 30 field offices worldwide.

Having experienced a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent during the past three years, FHI sought organizational consultation to (1) comprehensively review its organizational structure and resources, and (2) recommend changes in organizational structure and functioning to reposition FHI to meet emerging challenges.

Camper Consulting conducted a full-scale review of FHI's organizational structure and culture across all domestic and international locations with the gaim of realigning FHI's resources to best achieve its mission and strategic goals. This review utilized Camper Consulting's proprietary SOARSM planning process, which systematically assesses all principal functional dimensions and optimizes organizational alignment across the key dimensions of strategy, structure, and culture.

Camper Consulting's review produced concrete recommendations regarding FHI's fundamental organizational strategy and structure - including confirmation of FHI's core competitive advantages of global capacity development and research and practice integration. Recommendations also included specific changes in FHI's management structure, work processes, information and control systems, and organizational culture. Consulting effort resulted in strategic realignment of FHI's organizational resources, workforce culture, and organizational strategy in service of FHI's mission and vision.


The World Bank is a United Nations-sponsored international agency that supports country governments in the development of schools and health centers, water and electricity, disease prevention, and environmental protection efforts.

The Honduras Country Management Unit (CMU) of the World Bank, composed of professionals from various World Bank sectors - including Human Development, Infrastructure, Environmentally & Socially Sustainable Development, and Poverty Reduction & Economic Development - lacked a coherent strategy to support its overall Local Development efforts in Honduras. This deficit became particularly acute when the CMU initiated planning for two new in-country development projects. Honduras CMU leadership sought Camper Consulting's assistance to achieve consensus regarding a strategy for World Bank Local Development efforts in Honduras.

In consultation with the Honduras CMU, Camper Consulting developed a process for systematically soliciting input from key World Bank constituencies involved in provision of Local Development assistance to Honduras. Data obtained as a result of this information-gathering process was presented to constituents. Camper Consulting then worked with representatives of the CMU to design and conduct a CMU Workshop (held at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC) to provide a forum for (1) developing a common Honduras County Team vision and guiding principles for World Bank support of Local Development efforts, (2) analyzing potential institutional options, and (3) establishing follow-on processes for realizing the Country Team's vision.

Workshop event achieved stated objectives, enabling the Honduras Country Team to confirm a workable vision for Honduran Local Development efforts going forward and to initiate a process for achieving this vision. Consulting effort was also notable for creating a precedent for cooperative action by diverse World Bank sectors involved in this critical World Bank developmental arena.


The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE's Food and Nutrition Service is responsible for administration and operation of the federal government's Food Stamp program nationwide.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asked Camper Consulting to create and implement a comprehensive leadership assessment framework for its new Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Leadership Institute.

In collaboration with agency sponsors, Camper Consulting created a comprehensive leadership assessment framework rooted in USDA's existing mission and vision and reflecting contemporary Leadership Development Best Practices. This framework sampled all principal domains of contemporary leadership functioning - including individual and organizational values, professional competencies, personality style, and interpersonal preferences. Camper Consulting reviewed existing leadership assessment measures and developed a customized leadership assessment battery for FNS Leadership Institute use (including pilot testing and refinement of assessment measures).

Following program design, Camper Consulting developed and delivered the Assessment Module of the FNS Leadership Institute - including battery administration, scoring and interpretation, and generation of individual leadership profiles for each program participant. Curriculum emphasized experiential and group process components to demonstrate leadership assessment applications. Camper Consulting also assisted participants in creation of Individual Development Plans (to guide participant activities during the year-long program experience) and conducted individual coaching sessions with each FNS Leadership Institute participant throughout the entire program year.

The FNS Leadership Institute is now completing its fourth program year, with Camper Consulting having expanded its support activities at client request with each new program cycle. These activities include completion of a comprehensive evaluation of the FNS Leadership Institute - based upon Camper Consulting's ongoing research in contemporary Leadership Development Best Practices.

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