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Strategic Organizational Planning using the SOAR Process Camper Consulting Camper Consulting
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Recent business research confirms that a company's organizational structure and functioning is a key business driver contributing to business success - or failure. Camper Consulting's Strategic Organizational Planning service - utilizing its proprietary SOARSM methodology - provides the tools required to achieve targeted business objectives.

Organizational structure and functioning is a critical determinant of business productivity and performance. However, most conventional business plans neglect these same organizational components, not recognizing their critical import in achieving the very bottom-line business results 'standard' business plans seek.

Camper Consulting uses the proprietary SOARSM planning process to guide client companies and organizations in developing a Strategic Organizational PlanSM that leverages the client's organizational structure and functioning on behalf of core business goals and objectives. This process systematically assesses the basic elements of business strategy, structure, and culture - resulting in optimal alignment among these critical building blocks of business and organizational success.

The resulting Strategic Organizational PlanSM is designed to integrate with any existing business plans to complement the client's overall planning agenda.

Sample dimensions covered by the customized SOARSM planning process include the following:

  Organizational design
  Organizational culture
  Management structure and leadership practices
  Organizational decision-making and communication processes
  Core business process and work flow design
  Corporate vision and mission

Results from our client companies confirm the powerful impact of this unique strategic business planning tool on client productivity and profitability.


consulting services
business consulting services consulting services
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