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Camper Consulting's Leadership Development services enable your company to exploit its full leadership potential in pursuit of key strategic business objectives.

Camper Consulting's Leadership Development services help client companies and organizations establish individualized or company-wide leadership development programs and interventions.

In keeping with the latest business research findings, Camper Consulting understands leadership as a mission-critical organizational component that is key to long-term business success. Our leadership framework also embodies the contemporary conception of leadership as an organizational asset that can be exercised from any vantage point within a company - regardless of organizational level or personnel grade.

Camper Consulting can help your company or organization design and implement your own Leadership Development Program. The program will be solidly rooted in your company's own strategic business and organizational objectives, and tailored to your company's scope, industry, and existing resources.

Our leadership framework is comprehensive and - given our combined business, human performance, and organizational expertise - incorporates all key functional leadership dimensions, such as:

   Personal and corporate values
   Professional competencies
   Personality preferences
   Interpersonal styles

Our leadership development programs can include all major leadership development modalities and techniques validated by both external and internal Camper Consulting research findings, including:

   Customized leadership assessment protocols
   Use of customized multi-rater feedback processes (including mainstream leadership instruments      such as Benchmarks® and Career Architect®)
   Use of instructional Leadership Development methods
   Use of cross-functional job rotation systems
   Creation of mentoring programs

Camper Consulting's Leadership Development services - whether individual or programmatic - are fundamentally grounded in its use of proprietary Leadership Development Best Practices, based upon its own research and consulting experience.


consulting services
business consulting services consulting services
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